2023 and 2024 Digital Student Planner Bundle in the Boho Rainbow Theme

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This fun and fabulous student bundle, decked out in the sassy and stylish Boho Rainbow theme, features the 2023-24 18-Month Student Planner (hyperlink included!), 5 Digital Notebooks, 5 Digital Flashcards, and a generous selection of Digital Student Stickers, including washi tape and highlighter stickers. Get organized and dig into a new hobby - it's easy-peasy with these amazing digital tools at your fingertips!

The academic set includes:

  • July 2023 - 2024, 18-Month Student Planner
  • Set of 5 Digital Notebooks
  • Set of 5 Digital Flashcards
  • Digital Student Stickers including washi tape and highlighter stickers (both pre-cropped PNG and Goodnotes file formats)